The Hunt (Part 3)


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The Virtual Life corporation has cracked the code… 

…and now everyone in the world is at risk.

Will a rogue algorithm enable them to control our minds?

Rachel Vaughn’s life has been dedicated to her job. She possesses a gift she never mentions, and it’s her talent that enables her to rise to the level of special agent in the Central Intelligence Bureau. Driven by the unsolved murder of her parents, she’s become a top investigator.

Tensions rise worldwide.

People are afraid.

The red-eye flight to New York is the start. It was a simple message. A contact would meet her at Zabars and hopefully, they will get the break they need in the case.

In her gut, she knows strange things are afoot.

There’s something at play she can’t explain.

Are these coincidences supernatural?

In the epic struggle to prevent one company from ruling the world, there’s another player in the game. Rachel must figure out their motives and decide if they can be trusted.

This battle of Good vs. Evil will decide our fate.

Who will win?

You’ll love this complex thriller. Rachel’s quest to find her parents killer and this latest case are intertwined in ways you won’t believe.

Get it now.

The story is told in five parts. The Hunt is part 3.

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